Mitochondria can be repaired!

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Mitofood for Mitochondria

Mitochondrial diseases are chronic (long-term), genetic disorders that occur when mitochondria fail to produce enough energy for the body to function properly. Mitochondrial diseases can be present at birth, but can also occur at any age.

Mitochondrial diseases can affect almost any part of the body, including the cells of the

nerves, muscles, kidneys, heart, liver, eyes, ears or pancreas.

Mitochondrial dysfunction occurs when the mitochondria do not work as well as they should due to another disease or condition. Many conditions can lead to secondary mitochondrial dysfunction and affect other diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, muscular dystrophy, Lou Gehrig’s disease, diabetes and cancer.
Mitofood is specifically formulated to supply food and nutrients to keep your Mitochondria healthy and energized and even regenerate a new one. Blend of 80 different herbs and spices such as Maca, Moringa, Garlic, Frankincense, PQQ and other natural ingredients make mitofood the unique and potent nutrient your  mitochondria need without any side-effects.
Cellular aging is intimately associated with the decline in mitochondrial number and functionality. Nutrients that provide protection to existing mitochondria include resveratrol (found in grape skin, red wine), carnosine ( found in Broccoli, Spinach, Garlic), lipoic acid ( found in Edamame, Green pea, Celery) L-carnitine, and CoQ10.
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